Tonight, let's have a dinner with...

Charles AZNAVOUR, Gilbert BÉCAUD, Georges BRASSENS, Leo FERRÉ, Charles TRENET.

Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste

I invite you to dive for an evening (or several) in the 60s and 70s. The happy years of French song.

Michel DELPECH, Serge LAMA, Michel SARDOU, Michel FUGAIN, Gérard LENORMAN, Julien CLERC, Daniel GUICHARD will also with us.

All these artists, and many others whose successes have moved us, made us laugh, sing and dance will be there. With me. With you.

I was close to them. On TV sets, on the radios, or even during recording sessions. We worked together, partied or talked at parties where we didn’t just drink water… It was my life.

Some of them wrote standards “MY WAY, BEYOND THE SEA, AS WHAT NOW MY LOVE or I WISH YOUR LOVE, which have toured the planet and been taken up by American stars such as Frank SINATRA, Elvis PRESLEY, Paul ANKA, Barbra STREISAND or Neil DIAMOND.

Tonight, let’s find all these successes.

Interested in? OK. Just talk about it

Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste

A French Evening means (at least I hope so) right away what it’s all about. And in any country “french” is a word associated with love, charm and catering. My services are more intended for restaurants. Traditional restaurants or restaurants within the confines of a hotel or casino. I would also say, as what I do is quite intimate, with a capacity of 50 to 200 seats. Foreign customers (for France) and local customers in foreign countries such as Asia (CHINA, KOREA, THAILAND, JAPAN), the U.S.A and RUSSIA. I have 6 shows that each have between 25 and 30 songs. Most are French songs, but there are a few U.S. standards (2 or 3 maybe). These titles range from the 40s (TRENET) to the 70s. The duration of these shows is approximately 90 minutes each. The shows can be distributed in different ways: 1 show every evening for 6 days 2 shows each evening for 6 days (First day on 1 and 2, the next day on 2 and 3, and so on on the sixth day on 6 and 1)