About me

My name is Alain BAUDRILLART. When I was twenty I found myself a singer. By chance. Decked out with an English name, as was the fashion in those days… A guarantee of success, as they said… And came the years full of radios, recording studios, and TVs. Finally, I decided one day to stop everything.

Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste
Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste

I first started with years of managing nightclubs in Brittany. Then I took over from my father, who had a very good supplier card in jewelry and it lasted 5 years.

Subsequently, I bought a restaurant to stabilize myself, but it was a failure. At forty, I found myself with nothing. On the advice of a friend, I then launched into advertising. Copywriter, then creative director in France and abroad.

Life, despite a few upheavals, has been generous with me. She gave me two huge gifts. First of all she allowed me to meet wonderful people, and then she taught me to love them. To love these people.
And now I want to try to give them back a small part of the emotions they gave me.
The stage is like running a shop. You have to like people, otherwise it’s not worth trying.

Interested in? OK. Let’s talk about it.

Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste

At the end of the 1960s and the beginning of the 1970s, BARCLAY was “the place to be”. Eddy had found a very simple way to attract authors, composers, performers and producers to the basements of the Avenue de Neuilly. Where our offices were. All the people who came didn’t pay for the phone… Which, especially for phone calls outside France, was great. This was our HQ.

There was a small studio, where we could work or make our models, the offices (cramped) two modular lounges and at the back the office of the pretty press officers. I spent four years there, rubbing shoulders with all the young artists of the house, P. HOLM, D.A. WINTER, NICOLETTA, and especially my two friends D. GUICHARD and P. LAVIL.

Of course when they were there, the “big ones” came down to see us to have a little laugh. It must be said that we formed a rather whimsical team. BREL, AZNAVOUR, BARRIÈRE, MITCHELL, FERRÉ and others (there were 177 of us in all, if I remember correctly) came empty-handed or with lyrics or music written for us.

Four years have passed, most of them taking care of Daniel but also other young artists (including me…). I helped them, as an artistic director in the choice of authors, composers, orchestrators, session directors… We recorded at the Hoche studios, avenue Hoche, which belonged to Eddy. They were good years.