Singer/pianist (and vice-versa...)

France is loved for its landscapes, its gastronomy, its castles (to see or to drink…), its culture and therefore its songs. At least, his old songs, those which have traveled the world so many times with their interpreters: Charles TRENET, Gilbert BÉCAUD, Charles AZNAVOUR. Without forgetting those who have performed on all stages of the universe: Maurice CHEVALIER, les Frères JACQUES, les COMPAGNONS de la CHANSON or Salvatore ADAMO.

Nor do I forget Serge LAMA, Michel DELPECH, Claude NOUGARO, Georges BRASSENS, Daniel GUICHARD, Alain BARRIÈRE, Michel SARDOU, Léo FERRÉ and so many other artists who preferred to focus on European careers. May be you don’t know their names, but i’m sure you’ll appreciate their songs.

All these artists, I have known them, met them. I worked with, for some, discussed and maintained friendly ties. We shared parties, galas, radio and TV shows, recording sessions, in short, a lot of things that mean that today I can pepper my shows with funny little anecdotes.

These shows, which I propose to you, are a way to spend a little more time with them. It’s my tribute to them.

Let’s enter my repertoire

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Alain Baudrillart

What’s new for tonight?

Restaurateur is a difficult job. I know that for having practiced it for a while. What I also know is that the happiness of the restaurateur is to see his room full.

But today consumption habits have changed. Home deliveries, the multitude of prepared meals, frozen or not, have contributed to making the clientele more shy, even downright homebody.

In order to attract new customers, and bring back the shy people, you have several ways. Change the menu, change the chef, or may be a softer, more innovative, more unexpected solution. Welcoming a man into your home. Lovers of these wonderful French songs and which will take your customers back to the heart of the 50s, 60s and 70s. To the heart of the happy years.

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Interested in? Ok, let’s talk about it.

Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste
Alain Baudrillart, chanteur pianiste

Forever young

My name is Alain BAUDRILLART. When I was twenty, I was a young and handsome singer. Then, too many girls, too many nights with pure malt, champagne or other drinks and at the end military service.So, I decided to stop singing. To be honest, life decided it. During forty years, I used to work in jewelry, restaurants, and advertising. Then, retired, life was so boring that I said to myself « Why don’t you try again ? ». I bought a clavier, and I started. At the beginning, it was awful. No voice, no finger agility. Nothing.
So I understood something I didn’t get before: boy you do work if you want to succeed. It took me four years to become again an acceptable pianist and a singer as well.

They’re certainly some guys like me, travelling with their clavier around the world. Singing with talent songs they wrote or not. Difference with me is I knew, at TV shows, radios, studios or other places, most of the artists I used to sing. And by the time, life gave me emotions and sensibility I could today put in the songs I sing. This is really important, because if you’ve known an artist personnally, in his life, simply as a man, you sing his songs differently. This is the reason why I sing Charles TRENET, Gilbert BÉCAUD, Charles AZNAVOUR and so many other french singers in a different way.

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Back to youthness

A life show

with some jokes to spend a good evening

French songs

from the 50’s to 70’s

For several evenings:

a repertoire of 180 songs